Periodontology is concerned with the treatment of the gums.

Step 1. Healthy Gums

It typically always starts with the plaque, food leftovers and bacteria, that are not completely removed when brushing teeth.

Healthy Gums

Step 2 – Chronic Gingivitis

The plaque spreads out and becomes harder. This leads to tartar build-up, which cannot be removed with a toothbrush. The tartar can cause gingivitis, in which bacteria infect the gums. Chronic gingivitis is a plaque induced inflammatory lesion of the gingiva. Accumulation of dental plaque in the gingival sulcus initiates the development of an inflammatory lesion.

Chronic Gingivitis

Step 3. Chronic Periodontitis

The gums become inflamed, which can cause periodontitis. Chronic periodontitis is bacterially induced inflammation of the periodontium. Approx. 54% of adults have some four mm pockets present. 5% of adults have pockets of 6mm or greater.

Chronic Periodontitis