Germany is world-renowned for its high quality and precision standards. Our practice offers the latest methods and technologies, and we use only the best materials to provide you with a lasting beautiful smile.

Dr. Onodi has over 30 years of experience in the dental field and has treated more than 30,000 happy patients.

Our partners in fields such as implantology also use the latest equipment and have great experience in their respective fields. We work together only with those professionals that guarantee the highest level of quality in their practices.

We work together with select state-of-the-art dental laboratories in various countries – USA, Germany and Hungary. Where our competitors may offer you the lowest cost dental laboratory work (such as in Asia etc.) we have built our reputation on maintaining high quality and this is what sets us apart from our ‘competition’.

Dr. Onodi takes part in continuous education around the world. He continuously studies the latest technologies and best methods to provide his patients with the best dental treatment. Dr. Onodi is a member of the American Dental Association, the General Dental Council, the British Dental Association and the Bavarian Dental Chamber as well as the Hungarian Dental Chamber.

Our selected partners

Dr. Dr. Peter Balogh, Dental Surgeon & Implantologist
Dr. Balogh has long-standing clinical experience in oral surgery and implantology. He runs a state-of-the-art practice, provides patients with pain-free treatment and can offer complete anesthesia when requested

Dr. Med. Anita Wuttge-Hannig, Radiology
One of Germany’s most modern and largest radiology practices. Practice Dr. Wuttge-Hannig & Co. uses the latest technologies in radiology.

Dr. E.E Saetlzer & DR. F. Kirchner, Orthodontists
Practice Dr. Saetzler and Dr. Kirchner use latest technologies in orthodontics, with many years of experience.

Our High Quality Dental Labs

Dental Lab Ceramic Arts
Our partner in the United States

Dental Laboratory Schulze
We cooperate mainly with the dental laboratory Schulze, which offers high quality dental services.

Dental Lab Kern Zahntechnik
In Germany we work together with the dental laboratory Kern, which is highly renowned.