High Quality & Precision

German quality and precision are world-famous. We work with the best quality materials and most modern methods. We're so sure you'll like it that we even guarantee our work - for 3 or more years!
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Save 60% or more!

Dental expenses have become unaffordable in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. With us, you can get the best treatment, and be able to afford it!

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Pain-Free Dentistry

Our practice specializes in relieving the typical anxieties of the dental practice by providing our patients will only pain-free methods. Often we do not even need to intervene with our techniques!

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Free Flight & Transfer

We provide the best comfort for our patients. For a limited time we will even give you a FREE Flight, Airport Transfer & City Tour!*

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High Quality Dental Care - Dental Travel Germany

Welcome to Practice Dr. Onodi - Munich, Germany

Finally! High quality dental treatment that you can afford! Save 60% or more when you have your dental treatment conducted at our office through dental travel! We are a proffesional team, specializing in receiving international patients at our office. Our office has been in operation for over 30 years, and our patients from all over the world have been very satisfied with our work. We focus on easing all anxieties created by the dental office, to provide you pain-free best quality dental care. We strive to exceed your expectations, and our patients are very satisfied with our work. With dental travel to our practice, we can offer a cost saving alternative, and provide you with our renowned high quality work. We even guarantee our work for 3-5 years!

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Huge Savings, A Brief Example..

  • UK Savings Comparison
  • US Savings Comparison
Item Our Price (GBP) UK Price (GBP) Savings (GBP) Savings (%)
Composite Filling (from)601105045%
Porcelain Crown32080048060%
Porcelain Veneer30079049062%
Porcelain Inlay (from)25060035058%
2 Telescopic Crowns499120070158%
Implant - Straumann ©8002000120060%
Implant - Neoss ©6331800116765%
Item Our Price (USD) US Price (USD) Savings (USD) Savings (%)
Composite Filling (from)901708047%
Porcelain Crown500125075060%
Porcelain Veneer470123076062%
Porcelain Inlay (from)39094055059%
2 Telescopic Crowns7801870109058%
Implant - Straumann ©12503120187060%
Implant - Neoss ©9902810182065%

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Dental Travel, So Easy!

Have your treatment conducted at our office and we will pay for your intra-European flight! Terms and conditions apply.
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Dental Holidays Europe

Learn more about dental holidays and dental travel, a new solution to great quality affordable dental care!
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