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Dear patients, we are glad to provide you with all the information and answers to questions you may have. Dental travel is in reality a very easy way to receive quality dental treatment and benefit from low prices. It is becoming very popular around the world, and it is estimated that many milion patients go abroad each year for their dental treatment.

How Can You Help Me Organize My Dental Travel?
We can assist you in booking your flights, and reserving a hotel for you. We will work together with you every step of your planning, and help provide you with all the information you will need. We will arrange for an airport transfer, which will take you to your hotel, and this we provide free of charge*. We have several cooperations with hotels, and transfer services, and can guarantee everything to run smoothly when you arrive. If you are traveling from within Europe, we even pay for your flight*. We can also make reccomendations on sightseeing activities.
What Are The Prices And How Much Can I Save Altogether?
You can view our prices on our prices page under the service heading. Patients that have their dental work done at our office typically save 50%, or more on their dental expenses, compared to US and UK prices. We offer the best quality dental work, however due to market regulations in Germany, prices are kept low. This way you can benefit form high quality treatment, and low costs. We will make an individual treatment plan for you, and work with you to find the right solution for your budget and needs. You can make additional savings if you choose to work with our partner dental laboratory in Budapest, which provides excellent quality dental work.
How long should I stay?

It depends. Most of our treatments can be conducted within one day. More complex dental work such as bridges, crowns and inlays require a visit 7-10 days after the inital treatment. If your dental treatment requires a tooth extraction, we supply our patients with a temporary bridge, and wait for the wound to heal before we supply a final bridge (4-6 weeks). Some lower cost dental practices follow the bad practice of supplying patients with unhealed wounds with final bridges - we dont do this as we believe the patient should receive the best quality dental care, and we care about our patients. If you require implants, the time you need to stay in Munich depends on how many implants need to be done. After the placement of the implants, we recommend for our patients to stay in Munich for 2-3 days to be able to supervise our patients' wound healing.

Also note, that several treatments can be combined in one visit, thus saving time. As the time required at our practice depends on your personal situation, we ask of you to send us your x-rays, and we will prepare a free personalized treatment plan for you. We will show you all options ranging from higher cost treatments, and will give you reccomendations for the plan most suitable for you.

How Do I Pay?
We accept several different forms of payments - cash, checks, wire transfers, PayPal (bank transfers, Credit Cards- Visa, American Express and Mastercard). The fees listed on our prices page reflect a cash/wire transfer discount, and if paying by credit card additional fees may apply. Please click here for payment terms and conditions
Is There A Guarantee For Quality Dental Treatment?
We guaranatee most of our dental work - for up to 3 years - therefore you can feel safe to have your treatment done at our office. Our establishment has been in operation for over 30 years, and our patients are very happy with the high quality treatment we provide them. Clinical studies have shown additionally that 95% of all implants supplied to patients remain in tact after 10 years.
How Can I Ask For An Appointment?
You can call us, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Additionally, you can use our easy online contact form and leave us a message of when you would like to travel, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
How Can I Travel To Germany?
Under our flights page, we provide some resources you may find useful. You can get a flight on a discount flight company such as easy jet, and ryanair. Lufthansa regularly provides intra-European transfers for 99.00 Euros. If you are travelling from within the European Union, we will even pay for you flight and airport transfer!*
Will you accept my dental insurance?
If you are insured for dental treatment, we will gladly accept your dental insurance. In fact, dental travel has been strongly supported by dental insurance companies, and chances are that your insurance provider will gladly pay for dental travel expenses.
Does The Practice Speak English?
Of course. Our main dentist - Dr. Onodi is even certified by the American Dental Association, General Dental Council, and British Dental Council. Our practice speaks english, as well as German, Italian, Hungarian.


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'Very good dentist. Very good value for the price! Highly reccomendable. Thank you for the Treatment.' - 'deuferi22'

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Dental travel is a great alternative to find quality dental care at low prices. Benefit from highest quality, and low prices! It's easier thank you'd think!

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