Dental Travel & Dental Holidays

Dental Travel: A Modern Dental Solution

What is dental travel?

When people travel abroad to receive dental treatment in a country that provides the same (or even better!) standards of dental care - often at half the price, or less.. Our office specializes in such dental travel (also so called 'dental holidays' or 'dental vacations')

The process is simple:

First the patients submits their dental information to the practice. Our dental practice will then analyze the patient's dental situation, and create a free personalized treatment plan.

The patient will then have a choice of dental travel options - with a range of prices, and then the patient can choose the ideal treatment plan.

The next step of the dental travel / dental vacation is that our office helps organize the trip - airplane tickets, hotel bookings (we can even help with sightseeing activities) and we can provide all the information the patient may need in this process. From here its all simple -

The patient arrives at the Munich airport, we arrange for a free airport transfer*, and we will meet the patient at our practice. We will then conduct the initial free examination, and continue with the treatment.

Depending on the personal circumstances of the patient, different lengths of stay in Munich are appropriate. Please contact us for more details.

The patients can choose - if desired - to go sightseeing, and when to return home, happy - with a brand new smile!

Thus, dental travel can be a very effective, cost saving way of receiving quality dental treatment.