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Patient Testimonials

Here you can see what our real patients from all around the world have had to say about us!


'Very good dentist. Very good value for the price! Highly reccomendable. Thank you for the Treatment.' - 'deuferi22'

No waiting times, quality work, friendly practice team, held themselves to the promised price. Very recommendable. - premacy

I am very satisfied with this dentist, and recommend to others seeking dental services. It was very good value for the price and he held himself to the estimate that he made. Very recommendable, I’m satisfied overall. I will stay with this dentist. Thank you.

I was very comfortable with this dentist - great value. The team is very friendly, the practice very well organized. I am staying with this dentist. - georg35

Very friendly, delicate working team, no waiting times, a good value, a competent dentist, what else can you want! Very recommendable. - liga01

I am very satisfied with the completed services. - jupiter11

Absolutely recommendable, the team is very friendly, there are no waiting times. The value is perfect and the dentist kept to the estimated price. Thank you very much. - feuerkatze

A superb practice! Great friendly team, great work (which even stayed under the provided estimate). Everything is great here!! Very recommendable! I would happily come again!! Thank you again very much!! - Karies-und-Baktus

When I switched from my prior dentist, who was 1200 Euros more expensive than Dr. Onodi, I didn’t know what to expect at first. The first pleasant experience at Dr. Onodi's practice was that there are no waiting times. The team is very friendly and the dentist as well. The treatment went exactly as I would have imagined. Now I can bite well again and meet the world with a smile. Conclusion: I can recommend this practice without any doubt. Dear team: please stay as you are. Greetings - inge59

Low prices, friendly staff, pain-free dental care, no waiting times, no complaints. - snagge

I have again found a dentist, that does not give me the impression that his only concern is money. The savings were substantial already with a small treatment consisting only of 2 crowns. My wife is now also a patient of Dr. Onodi - I believe that says it all.

Very good consultation, friendly practice team, no waiting times. The crowns fit perfectly. I can only recommend. - Kremen4

During the entire treatment I felt well consulted by the dentist. The support of the very gentle dental hygienists was excellent. I am very satisfied with my new bridge as it looks very natural and is much cheaper than with my ex-dentist. :-) Thank you very much - hexe28

Very flexible with appointments. Practice is very clean and hygienic. The entire team is friendly and sympathetic. I will stay with this dentist. - felge50

Top service to the promised price. What was very pleasant was that at the 4 visits to his practice I never had to wait for more than 5 minutes.

I felt very well taken care of with this dentist. no waiting times and individual appointment scheduling make this practice stand out from others. All work was conducted with perfection. I will continue to visit this practice and also recommend it.

I am very satisfied with the services and competence in subject by my new trust-dentist. Thank you also to the rest of the practice staff for patience and support. 0 kulmsen

Dentist and team are very sympathetic, I was always seen punctually, treatments were quick and painless. Crowns fit exactly and the dentist stuck to his price quotation. I am overall very satisfied. -lordheinz

I felt very well taken care of and have already recommended the practice to others. - horch2000